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Amrita Learning Methodology

The benefits of individualized instruction is the essence of Amrita Learning. Scientific research states that students who receive one-on-one instruction perform two standard deviations better than students who receive traditional classroom instruction. An improvement of two standard deviations means that the average tutored student performed as well as the top 2 percent of those receiving classroom instructions.

Unlike other computer-based training programs, Amrita Learning assesses each learner's actions and develops a model of their knowledge, skills, and expertise. Based on this learning model, Amrita Learning tailors instructional strategies, in terms of both the content and style, and provide explanations, hints, examples and practice problems as needed.

At Amrita Learning we believe assessment should be more than merely a test at the end of instruction to gauge learning. It should be an integral part of instruction that guides and enhances students' learning.

Amrita Learning sees parents as their children’s learning partners. When children enter school there are considerable differences in their readiness to acquire curriculum skills. Such differences appear to be attributable, at least in part, to the parent's participation in their child’s education at home. With Amrita Learning parents help establish a routine and guide the child to perform to their full potential.


Amrita Learning curriculum

Amrita Learning curriculum is more than a collection of activities: it's coherent, interconnected; focused on core learning skills such as Math and English, and well articulated across the grades. Amrita Learning introduces ideas in such a way that they build on one another. Amrita Learning provides a mix of concepts in the same learning session with gradual spiraling of concepts. This means that instead of concentrating on a single concept, the student is typically presented with a variety of exercises and tasks within the session that draws on different concepts.

Following themes permeate Amrita Learning curriculum

  • Builds on the state standards and aligns them with instruction and assessment
  • Stresses the importance of frequently assessing student progress toward achieving the standards.
  • Addresses the needs of all learners; emphasizes prevention over remediation, while recognizing the appropriateness of remediation when it is required.

The Amrita Learning curriculum is organized by grade level and is presented in multiple tracks within each grade level. A track is a logical unit of learning. Each lesson introduces one learning concept. Lessons within track are organized by increasing order of complexity.

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